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    The Reel Deal of Redding

    Fishing reel service & repair - New & Used rods, reels & tackle

    2531 Victor Ave, Redding, Ca 96002 - 530-605-3415

  • Reel Service

    We service many makes and models baitcasting, spinning & conventional - Modern & Vintage

    Abu Garcia - Round

    A complete tear down, inspection and rebuild. Includes synthetic grease and lube as well as Cal's drag grease for a smooth operation. Service starts @ $22.00 + tax & parts if needed.

    Daiwa Millionaire

    Have a new or used vintage reel that is completely gummed up? We can solve that problem for you and get it running better than new for you.

    Mail order service

    We welcome & service customers from all over the world. If your not local to Northern California, we accept mail in service. From tune ups to tuning, basic service to full service customizing. We will always do our best to fulfill your needs. Email for a quote: service@thereeldeal.net

  • Customizing

    Hard to find parts, anodizing, handles, spools & bearings


    carbon fiber & aluminum


    light weight, custom colors


    standard to ABEC7 ceramic

    Obsolete Parts

    locate & retrieve hard to find parts

    Custom Anodizing

    custom color pallet (coming soon)

  • Portfolio

    Some images of past & current work

    '76 Abu Garcia 5600C

    red thumb bar

    Hard to find, right hand retrieve in nice shape.

    J. Morris Carbonlite

    Bass Pro Shops custom painted

    Weighing in at only 5.9oz, this Johnny Morris 6.4:1 was custom painted. Have a color you want?

    Abu Garcia HPSS

    Hank Parker Signature Series custom

    This was custom built with a wiffle spool, carbon fiber handle, 6.3:1 gears and CNC knobs.

    Abu 5600 CA

    Beautiful, rare reel

    This was new in the box when I received it. Gummed up and rebuilt. Wonderful example.

    Abu Garcia 5000

    Hard to find reed reel

    These are getting hard to find. This one was upgraded to 4 bearings and shipped to Brazil.

    Daiwa Millionare

    New old stock

    This reel was seized up from the factory grease and had not been spun in over 30 years.

    Abu Garcia SSC3

    Marron flat anodized

    Another hard to find reel, upgraded with a gold wiffle spool, ABEC7 hybrid bearings and tuned...speedster!

    RECORD Twins!

    Upgraded Abu Record reels

    These were treated to the full meal deal, being used for steelhead in Washington State. 8 bearings

    Newest 6600C4

    Need a POWER handle?

    Upgraded to ABEC7 bearings, 110 mm EVA blue anodized power handle. Basic, speedy catfish machine

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    2531 Victor Ave, Redding, Ca 96002